What is Pilates?

Pilates is a balanced whole-body workout. In its first step, one trains the deeper stabilizing muscles of the center of the body and mobilizes the spine. The goal is to create a balance between the moving and stabilizing muscles: The prerequisite for optimal body alignment and supple and relaxed movements.

This method was originally developed by Joseph Pilates by the name “Contrology”. We find this name perfectly fitting since the exercises are performed with high concentration, control, and precision. This, combined with fluid movement execution and conscious supportive breathing, is one of the important Pilates principles.

The concentration on detail in the exercise, rather than many repetitions makes Pilates challenging. Thus, Pilates is not a sequence of exercises, but also a strengthening of mental power.

Why Pilates on the equipment?

Most of the special Pilates’s machines are equipped with springs. These will require you to pull, counter pull, balance or overcome certain resistances. Body awareness is trained, and you learn to understand, control, and change your movement patterns.

The equipment gives you direct feedback. Weaknesses and imbalances become obvious. A well-educated trainer will select the appropriate equipment and design the optimal workout for you, effectively increasing your performance level.

At the initial level, the equipment can be supportive. At the advanced level workout will become more challenging. Pilates’s equipment training is therefore suitable for any level of performance. And of course, due to the enormous variety of exercises on the equipment, the training always remains interesting and varied.

The 4-S formula

All Pilates exercises and the right choice of equipment are based on the 4 key points of the Pilates method, the so-called 4-S formula.


Building of strength especially of the pelvis, spine, and shoulder girdle


Stretching exercises train body flexibility. This is not only important for training, but also for your everyday life.


A stable core is the key to everything in the Pilates method.


Muscular endurance brings stamina and is therefore the effective support for other sports.