Heidrun Winter

studio owner

I got to know Pilates in 2005. I was immediately impressed although I did not begin to grasp the variety of possible exercises. In 2009 I went from doing Pilates myself to beginning instructions to become a trainer myself. I started out by giving lessons with mat Pilates.

The many facts of Pilates fascinated me more and more, so I proceeded become a comprehensive teacher with the qualification on all classical Pilates apparatus. I went through over 600 hours of training and was successful graduated in 2012.

My wish is to continue and further deepen Joseph Pilates classical original method. I therefore regularly participate in workshops with international trainers who either still trained with Joseph Pilates himself or were trained by his successor Romana Kryzanowska.

I am happy to be instructed by Jay Grimes, Alicya Ungaro, Sonje Mayo, Bob Liekens, Dorothee Vandewalle, Brett Howard, Clare Dunphy Hermani, Moses Urbano and look forward to learning even more and more.

Your pures pilates Team

is completely focus on your personal needs, bring out the best in you, and guide you on your path.

Noula Mouratidou

I was born in Frankfurt and grew up in Greece. There I was an enthusiastic artistic gymnast for many years. Gymnastics was and is my absolute passion. Parallel to gymnastics, I played volleyball and trained functional training.

Until 2019, I was a part-time trainer for groups and individuals at functional training and fascia training. Then I discovered Pilates. Many exercises and movements reminded me of gymnastics. In addition, I discovered other ingenious principles in Pilates, like the breathing technique. I am fascinated by the efficiency of this method. The parallels with gymnastics have enchanted me and so I first successfully completed the Pilates mat training in 2019, followed by the apparatus training in the summer of 2020. Since 2019, I have dedicated myself fully to the sport.

I teach with great enthusiasm and dedication and look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Nadine Eis

I first encountered with pilates as a teenager when I discovered this special method for myself in the sport club. After years of training, I developed a desire to also help other people to rediscover their own bodies with it.

In 2020 I successfully completed my mat trainer training and in summer 2022 I passed the equipment trainer exam. Since the summer of 2021, I have been teaching mat and wall unit classes for Pilates beginners.

For me, Pilates means deceleration, self-awareness and strength – for anyone who wants to experience movement differently.

Stephanie Körner

As a former professional dancer in Germany and abroad, I first encountered Pilates through dancing.

I also met Pilates as a therapy method during my physiotherapy studies. I was so enthusiastic about the many effective options that I started device training during my studies.

It is wonderful how dancing and my specialization in physical therapy complement Pilates. There is always something new to discover, so Pilates is now a valuable part of my daily therapy routine and my own training for my own better health.